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Toys for St. Chad's Sanctuary

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Toys donated to St Chads SanctuaryIt was like a scene from Ballykissangel (for those of you who do not know, this was an Irish comedy set in a small village and particularly in the pub!)

Paul from Erdington Fencing came in saying he had been paid in toys, instead of money by The Belfry / Laurence Llewelyn Bowen's crowd and he had £3000 worth of toys to get rid of two days before Christmas. Well a deal is a deal and I thought ‘Thought Of Others’ could find a nice home for them.

Five van loads were delivered to St. Chad's Sanctuary, which is a first stop charity for refugees and asylum seekers, supported by St. Chad's Cathedral and The Salvation Army. Sister Margaret, who runs the Sanctuary said they were literally scraping the bottom of the barrel for children's toys; fortunately this year, the shepherds and the wise men / women of Erdington arrived in a St. Nick of time!!

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