Immediate Needs

Anything can help those with nothing.

If you are an asylum seeker or refugee, please contact 07898 062765 to make an appointment for a food parcel, clothing, books, hygiene items or toys.

Please see our Food and clothes page for more information.


When we are open, donations can be brought to:

We have an important change of policy in light of the pandemic. We are sure you will understand that an outbreak of Corona Virus at the Sanctuary could have a devastating impact on the people we serve therefore we ask you to respect these rules and not to think of us as rude or ungrateful for your generosity. Please adhere to the rules to protect our staff, volunteers, friends and yourself. 

  • We can no longer accept donations at our front door. We ask that all donations are delivered to our backdoor (see details below). This is to better enable social distancing.

  • You can no longer enter the building. Even if you have been coming into the Sanctuary for years, I am sad to say that you can not come into the building for the foreseeable future. All staff and volunteers must remain 2 metres away from you at all times. 

  • Please ring ahead to check that we can accept your donations.

  • We cannot accept electrical items, please do not donate them.

  • We cannot mend broken or ripped items or clothing, or remove stains that have refused to come out for you. Please do not donate them

  • Wednesday's are already very busy days for donations; please consider coming on Monday's or Friday's to better enable social distancing

  • We have very few people working in the building at this time. Please help us to process your donations quickly by organising them into sizes, genders, types of clothing, if possible.

  • Please be patient with us when we take a long time to answer the phone or to come to collect your donations.

Our backdoor is located on William Booth Lane, B4 6HJ. The postcode takes you down a dead end street which ends in a building site. Our back yard is the last one before the building site with the green gates. When you arrive please ring our main phone number 0121 2333127 to let us know you are here. We would be grateful if you would then unload your items and leave them next to (but not blocking) the back door. When you have finished and have returned to your vehicle our staff will come out and take the donations into the building. If you are physically unable to unload the vehicle please inform us of this on the phone, open the relevant doors on the vehicle and we will empty it for you.
We do hope that this does not cause too much difficulty for you and have included some photos to assist in finding the backdoor.


Opening Times

Monday 10:30 - 13:30
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10:30 - 13:30
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 10:30 - 13:30
Saturday CLOSED



If you are unable to donate items to us in person, we may have a volunteer who may be able to help out by collecting your items. This takes quite some coordination so please bear with us if it takes a long time! 

We are only able to collect certain items. The volume of items should be both not exceed several bags of clothing or equivalent, and be enough to warrant a car journey.

With this in mind you can apply to have donations collected by completing this collection form and returning it to our resources coordinator at the following email address. They will reply to you letting you know if collection of your items is possible.
Please access the collection form using the links below and return it in one of the following ways:


1.) EMAIL to 

with the subject line DONATION COLLECTION


2. POST to 72-74 Shadwell Street, Birmingham, B4 6HA 

Thank you for your desire to donate to St. Chad's Sanctuary.


Urgent Needs for Asylum Seekers


  • We can only accept certain items during this lockdown. Please see the newsletter for further details
  • We would be delighted to accept:
    • Girl's clothes, age 4-5 years - this seems like a tricky age to find! 
    • Boy's clothes, ages 7-9 years
    • Men's jumpers
    • Men's coats
    • Food
    • Toiletries 

(Updated) 20/11/2020


Urgent Needs for Asylum Seekers

Other ways to give:

BY CHEQUE: please make your cheque payable to "St Chad's Sanctuary" and post it to St Chad's Sanctuary, 72-74 Shadwell St, Birmingham B4 6HA.

BY BANK TRANSFER: Our account is in the name of St Chad's Sanctuary at Barclays Bank. Our account number is 13849279 and our sort code is 20-08-64

GIFT AID: If you would like to gift aid your donation, you can download a Gift Aid form here.



We use all donated goods to benefit the asylum seekers and refugees we support. Occasionally, if we have items which are unsuitable for distribution at the Sanctuary, we either offer them to charities supporting other vulnerable groups, or sell them to raise valuable funds for our work.