Clothes and food


You can get clothes from St Chad’s Sanctuary if you are:

  • an asylum seeker
  • a refugee and you received your L2R (Leave to Remain) within the last 12 months

Please visit us at St Chad’s Sanctuary, 72-74 Shadwell Street, Birmingham B4 6HA on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10:30 and 13:30. Please bring your ID card or Home Office letter.


  • You can choose clothing every four weeks if you are new to England - if you have lived here for less than one year. If you have lived in England for more than one year, you can collect clothing every three months. 
  • You can order CLOTHES  to be delivered to you if you are living in Home Office hostels IN CASTLE BROMWICH or SUTTON COLDFIELD and cannot travel to us OR are isolating with Covid - order CLOTHES here. Wait for us to send you a message on WhatsApp/Telegram/text. We will arrange for you to get the clothes.
  • You can collect food every week if you are an asylum seeker or refugee who is not receiving any money from the government on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 1030 and 1330. You can drop in or make an appointment APPOINTMENT FOR FOOD

All visitors must show their ID card or papers at every visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q; Can I collect clothes if I live in one of the Serco/Government hotels or hostels in BIRMINGHAM or SOLIHULL?


Please visit us at 72-74 Shadwell Street, Birmingham, B4 6HA on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 1030 and 1330. 


Q; Can I collect clothes if I live in one of the Serco/Government hotels or hostels in BIRMINGHAM but I cannot travel to you due to distance?

Possibly. We can deliver clothing to some hostels, but we are dependent on volunteers to deliver the clothing. We can currently deliver to CASTLE BROMWICH and SUTTON COLDFIELD. We are sorry that we cannot deliver to anywhere else at present. It is better for you to come to us to choose your own clothes so that you can choose the things that you like best. However if you really cannot travel to us, please fill in this form to tell us what you need CLOTHES. Please WhatsApp, Telegram or Text 07898062765 with any questions. 


Q: Can I refer an asylum seeker or refugee to St Chad's Sanctuary?

We do not operate a referral process. Asylum seekers and refugees are welcome to access our services for themselves. You are welcome to help them by explaining the information on the website, contacting the phone number above for information or assisting them to fill in the online form, if they live in one of the hostels/hotels which is too far away for them to visit. Do email or text us with any questions on the above number or


Q. I have been dispersed by the Home Office into Birmingham. I do not live in a hostel or hotel. Can I get some clothes?

Yes. Visit 72-74 Shadwell Street, Birmingham, B4 6HA on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 1030 and 1330. Please bring ID.


Q. I have children, can they also get clothes?

Yes, we have clothing for children, please let us know the right size. We also have toys and books. 


Q. Can I get clothes if I live outside of Birmingham?

We cannot deliver outside of Birmingham. Please visit us if you can or we may be able to tell you about somewhere closer to your home. You are welcome to travel to us to collect clothing, please bring your ID.


Q. I am an asylum seeker / refugee - can I collect food?

You can collect food if you are not receiving money from the government. If you are receiving Asylum support money on an Aspen card or Universal Credit, we are sorry that we cannot help you - we have a list of food banks who can help you. 


Q. Do you have interpreters?

All our interpreters are volunteers who provide unofficial translation to help our visitors. They are not trained interpreters and as volunteers, are not always with us, we are sorry. We will try our best with online translation services.


Q. I have another question...

... please WhatsApp or Telegram 07898062765 or email and we will do our best to help.


This page was last updated on 10th November 2022

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